Is Your Phone Infected with Pegasus Spyware? Here’s How to Find Out

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By Vijay Kumar

Have you ever felt like someone’s peering over when you’re scrolling through your phone? That unsettling feeling could be more than just paranoia – it could be the sinister work of Pegasus spyware.

Pegasus is a nasty piece of malware that can take complete control of your phone, stealing everything from your text messages and emails to your contacts, call history, and even passwords. Developed by the NSO Group, this shadowy organization has sold Pegasus to governments and other shady actors, making it a serious threat to privacy and security.

Pegasus Spyware

The Scary Scope of the Problem:

Experts estimate that over 50,000 devices have been infected with Pegasus since 2021, targeting journalists, activists, and even politicians. While traditional antivirus software is powerless against this advanced threat, there is hope!

Introducing the Pegasus Spyware Hit Man: MVT and iMazing

Amnesty International, a champion of human rights, has developed the Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT), a free tool that can detect Pegasus on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. But if you’re not into tech jargon and command lines, fear not! Enter iMazing, a user-friendly software that makes Pegasus detection a breeze for iOS users.

MVT iMazing

How to Scan Your iPhone or iPad with iMazing:

  1. Download and Install iMazing: Head over to and grab your copy. It’s free to use for the Pegasus scan!
  2. Connect Your Device: Hook up your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a trusty USB cable.
  3. Launch iMazing and Trust the Connection: Enter your device passcode and make sure both your computer and phone have an internet connection.
  4. Time to Detect Spyware: In the Actions panel, click the mighty “Detect Spyware” button.
  5. Follow the Guide: iMazing will walk you through setting up preferences and starting the analysis. Sit back and relax while it does its magic!

Reading the Results:

After the scan, a pop-up will deliver the verdict. If it says “No signs of infection detected,” you can breathe a sigh of relief. But if it says “Possible infection detected,” don’t panic!

Digging Deeper with the Report:

Open the iMazing report and focus on the Malware column. If you see the dreaded “Pegasus” lurking there, it’s time to take action.

Reporting and Next Steps:

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Send the report to iMazing, and they’ll quickly guide you on how to deal with the infection and get your phone squeaky clean.

Stay Safe While Waiting:

While you wait for a response, you can still use your phone, but avoid sensitive communication to protect yourself and others from potential exposure.

Proactive Protective Measures

Even with advanced detection, vigilance is key. Here are some essential steps for iOS users:

  • Restart Daily: While Pegasus operates through zero-click attacks, frequent restarts can disrupt its hold and force attackers to redeploy, buying you valuable time.
  • Utilize Lockdown Mode: Apple’s lockdown mode significantly reduces the attack surface for iOS malware. Consider activating it for enhanced security.
  • Limit iMessage and Facetime: Exploiting these features has been linked to Pegasus attacks. Consider disabling them or using more secure alternatives when communication involves sensitive information.
  • Stay Updated: Patching vulnerabilities is crucial. Install the latest iOS updates promptly to close backdoors used by Pegasus and other malware.
  • Be Link-Wary: Avoid clicking suspicious links, especially in messages, emails, or unfamiliar apps. Pegasus is known to weaponize one-click attacks through these channels.
  • Scan Backups and Sysdiags: Regularly scan your phone’s backups and sysdiagnose files using tools like Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) and Kaspersky’s self-check tool. Early detection is key to mitigating damage.

Remember: Protecting your privacy starts with awareness. By being informed about threats like Pegasus and knowing how to detect them, you can take back control of your digital life. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and keep your scrolling private!

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